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Custard Eggs

There was one year that I worked breakfast shift at a busy, upscale restaurant attached to a hotel. I worked sauté, which was responsible for cooking all the eggs throughout

Kheema Pav Cornbread Slider

This is a multistep cooking project perfect for a rainy day. There are some time consuming steps in this one. The recipe uses a ginger garlic paste that you must

The Elvis Presley Sandwich

August 11, is the beginning of Elvis Pressley Week 2021. Before looking into anything too much, I threw together what I imagined would be an appropriate version of the Elvis

Why the Anchovy?

Pizza with anchovies was to me just a childhood joke. I had never truly considered trying the salt preserved fish on a pizza, until a couple days ago. My grocery


I love toum. This could be a vegan substitute for mayonnaise, though it does pack a garlic punch. It is an addictively good sauce. Try dipping crackers, naan, pita, french

What is it like to be an NFL Team Chef?

I interviewed Phil Conners, the former Team Chef for the Cincinnati Bengals, to find out more. Each day Breakfast begins at 5:30 am. The players have a hot buffet with