Exploring the technique and tradition of food and wine through storytelling

Food and Wine

A Quick Look at Cuisine in Northern Italy

We flew into Venice. We walked around reading streets names in faded paint on the side of buildings. Once we finally found our hotel, we went out to get some

Crab Cakes and Chenin Blanc

Half pound Lump Crab Meat 1/4 cup mayonaise 1 egg ~ 2 teaspoons Dijon Mustard ~2 teaspoons of worcestershire sauce Splash of hot sauce 10 saltine crackers old bay, salt

Ribs and Rosé… all day

Usually I go for Zinfandel when I am doing anything BBQ. Rosé works as well, and it goes down easier on a hot summer day. The fruit forward flavor pairs

Signs of a successful food and wine pairing

All too often we drink wine that does not pair with the food we are eating. One element may be overpowering the other, or there may be an adverse interaction