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Wine Education

How to Make Champagne

Are Champagne and Sparkling wine the same thing? I wanted to start with a note that Champagne is a style of sparkling wine. Champagne refers to sparkling wine made in

Why is there a Black Rooster on all bottles from Chianti Classico?

In 13th century Italy, Florence and Siena wanted to settle their Chianti border dispute. The method they decided to use was a horse race. One rider from Florence would start

Concepts in Food and Wine Pairing

Wine is a food accompaniment. In a good pairing, the food will taste better and the wine will taste better. There are two mains approaches to pairing food and wine.

Factors Affecting Grape Growing

Vitis Vinifera can not just be grown anywhere. In the world, the wine regions for vinifera are located between the 30 degree and 50 degree lines of latitude. In this

Questions of Storage and Aging

After buying a bottle, I have had people ask how and how long they can store their new bottle. First, if you plan to drink the wine within a month

Wine Making Process

I always say wine making is like a mathematics equation full of variables. If you alter one variable the sum of the equation changes. There are a few basic steps