Exploring the technique and tradition of food and wine through storytelling

What is it like to be an NFL Team Chef?

I interviewed Phil Conners, the former Team Chef for the Cincinnati Bengals, to find out more. Each day Breakfast begins at 5:30 am. The players have a hot buffet with

Marisal Sea Salt

Marisal (marisalproducts.com) A beautiful, traditionally harvested sea salt coming from a 96-year-old co-op in Colima, Mexico. The label on the bag of salt reads “Our salt is hand harvested with

A Quick Look at Cuisine in Northern Italy

We flew into Venice. We walked around reading streets names in faded paint on the side of buildings. Once we finally found our hotel, we went out to get some

Custard Eggs

There was one year that I worked breakfast shift at a busy, upscale restaurant attached to a hotel. I worked sauté, which was responsible for cooking all the eggs throughout

Kheema Pav Cornbread Slider

This is a multistep cooking project perfect for a rainy day. There are some time consuming steps in this one. The recipe uses a ginger garlic paste that you must

Crab Cakes and Chenin Blanc

Half pound Lump Crab Meat 1/4 cup mayonaise 1 egg ~ 2 teaspoons Dijon Mustard ~2 teaspoons of worcestershire sauce Splash of hot sauce 10 saltine crackers old bay, salt

Three Sages Taste (Wine) Vinegar

There is a Chinese allegorical painting, which also appears as a theme in stories and poems, about tasting vinegar. It is a commentary on Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist philosophy. I

The Elvis Presley Sandwich

August 11, is the beginning of Elvis Pressley Week 2021. Before looking into anything too much, I threw together what I imagined would be an appropriate version of the Elvis

Why the Anchovy?

Pizza with anchovies was to me just a childhood joke. I had never truly considered trying the salt preserved fish on a pizza, until a couple days ago. My grocery

A Wine Story for my Mom

Two years ago, I was working at the wine bar and a nice old lady came in. She instantly reminded me of my mom. She came to the wine bar

How to Make Champagne

Are Champagne and Sparkling wine the same thing? I wanted to start with a note that Champagne is a style of sparkling wine. Champagne refers to sparkling wine made in

Why is there a Black Rooster on all bottles from Chianti Classico?

In 13th century Italy, Florence and Siena wanted to settle their Chianti border dispute. The method they decided to use was a horse race. One rider from Florence would start

Concepts in Food and Wine Pairing

Wine is a food accompaniment. In a good pairing, the food will taste better and the wine will taste better. There are two mains approaches to pairing food and wine.