Exploring the technique and tradition of food and wine through storytelling


I love toum. This could be a vegan substitute for mayonnaise, though it does pack a garlic punch. It is an addictively good sauce. Try dipping crackers, naan, pita, french

Factors Affecting Grape Growing

Vitis Vinifera can not just be grown anywhere. In the world, the wine regions for vinifera are located between the 30 degree and 50 degree lines of latitude. In this

Ribs and Rosé… all day

Usually I go for Zinfandel when I am doing anything BBQ. Rosé works as well, and it goes down easier on a hot summer day. The fruit forward flavor pairs

Asheville Strong

Many travel to Asheville from around the country to see the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the leaves changing colors in fall, Beer City USA , the restaurant scene

Questions of Storage and Aging

After buying a bottle, I have had people ask how and how long they can store their new bottle. First, if you plan to drink the wine within a month

What is it like to be an NFL Team Chef?

I interviewed Phil Conners, the former Team Chef for the Cincinnati Bengals, to find out more. Each day Breakfast begins at 5:30 am. The players have a hot buffet with

Marisal Sea Salt

Marisal (marisalproducts.com) A beautiful, traditionally harvested sea salt coming from a 96-year-old co-op in Colima, Mexico. The label on the bag of salt reads “Our salt is hand harvested with

Wine Making Process

I always say wine making is like a mathematics equation full of variables. If you alter one variable the sum of the equation changes. There are a few basic steps

Signs of a successful food and wine pairing

All too often we drink wine that does not pair with the food we are eating. One element may be overpowering the other, or there may be an adverse interaction

Banana Pudding

My friend Wes made banana pudding. I documented it. 3 ripe bananas, sliced into 1/4-inch rounds freshly squeezed lemon juice to prevent browning of bananas 1/2 cup granulated sugar for